Championship Manager

Championship Manager The Challenge Demo 2010

Can you be the best manager in the world?


  • Classic design, updated
  • In depth training function
  • Good 3D visuals in game


  • Not very different to Championship Manager 2009
  • Difficult for newcomers

Very good

Championship Manager is the daddy of management games, and the 2010 version has everything fans have come to expect, as well as some nice updates to keep things fresh.

It's an incredibly deep game, with tons of teams from leagues all over Europe, transfer markets, training and more. This is not a casual game, it requires a lot of time and effort even before you get to your first match.

You have complete control over the squad, contracts, buying and selling and training. Everyday in the game has lots of decisions for you to make. The interface will be recognizable to anyone who's played Championship Manager, but can be confusing to the new comer. There doesn't seem to be any tutorials, although there is a help button.

The game action looks pretty good, with nice crowd effects. It's not as pretty as FIFA, but the view and commentary are great for helping your management decisions. During a game there is lots to do, from subbing, to team talks and tactics. There's also a ton of statistics to pour over.

This demo runs for 6 months of a season, and until the 18 September 2009, you can register for an online competition to see if you're better than other Championship Manager players.

Championship Manager is the perfect choice for the detail-obsessed serious player, as it's hard to imagine what more a management game could offer. However, for the less serious player, it's a daunting challenge!

Championship Manager


Championship Manager The Challenge Demo 2010

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    this just a demo version not a full version..
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